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Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services Works for You

Used cooking oil (“UCO”) is a by-product of running a food service establishment, whether in a small restaurant or the mall’s food court. As a commercial kitchen operator, it is one of those things that you do not have the time or energy to think of. We do not blame you at all! Running a food service establishment is hectic, but we also know that the way you handle your used cooking oil can affect your business’ internal operations and influence customers’ views on your contribution to a greener tomorrow. 

As one of the best used cooking oil collection services in Atlanta, GA, you have peace of mind knowing our licensed technicians provide reliable and excellent services. We use state-of-the-art oil management equipment to handle used cooking oil recycling and collection. We ensure thorough cleaning and responsible disposal under local and environmental regulations so you can avoid unnecessary shutdowns and penalties. 

Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free and straightforward used cooking oil collection process. We deliver a grease container to fit your needs. Our industry-standard used cooking oil storage containers vary in size to accommodate both small and big businesses. We offer bin-style options and fully automated used cooking oil (UCO) management systems that allow contactless grease removal. 

Additionally, we provide auto-scheduled service calls to hundreds of businesses. As our customer, we will build a recycling program that fits your needs and schedule. We assess the frequency based on tank capacity and volume of used cooking oil and grease to ensure safety and sanitation plus reduce frying costs. 

We operate 24/7 to collect used cooking oil without interrupting your operations. Our highly trained technicians remove your used cooking oil without entering your establishment, resulting in zero interaction with customers and employees. On the other hand, we also provide emergency services, especially during high-volume times, where you need a pick-up.  

As the leading service provider among the many used cooking oil companies in Atlanta, GA, you can count on us to be your responsive, reliable, and trustworthy cooking oil removal partner. 

For over 40 years now, Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services has been the first choice for used cooking oil recycling services in Atlanta, Georgia. Whether it be fryer oil recycling, used cooking oil removal, waste oil collection, restaurant cooking oil pick up, UCO service, or used cooking oil collection, you can count on Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services to get the job done to ensure your company keeps running successfully. 

Our commitment to a clean environment and sustainable future

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services’ mission is to serve our clients and the planet we live on as well. We collect and recycle all varieties of used cooking oil and grease, including vegetable oil, fish oil, chicken fat, pork fat & bacon grease. We are an ecologically minded company that aims for a cleaner and more sustainable future. The used oil we collect is recycled at trusted waste management facilities to produce environmental-friendly biofuels and more.  

We aim to provide operational efficiency and ensure that every service call is completed each day at all locations. Each of our company vehicles has an onboard routing system that monitors our fuel-efficiency and operational excellence route. 

We know that customers are aware of the environmental issues our generation is facing. These conscientious shoppers have always opted for businesses with green policies, including the restaurants they dine in. With Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, you can be confident knowing your used cooking oil never ends up in landfills, drainage systems, wastewater systems, and groundwater.  

By participating in our mission to reduce this harmful waste, restaurants like yours can reduce emissions, avoid affecting local infrastructures, and remain compliant with local ordinances. Additionally, you will be nourishing the global food supply that feeds the world. 

Atlanta used cooking oil recycling is repurposed locally at one of our 80+ biosecure processing plants. We ensure that 100% of the used cooking oil is recycled into low-impact fuel, biodiesel, animal feed additives, or processed into clean-burning energy sources. 

If you are a green restaurant, contact our technicians at Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services to know more about how we can work together to promote your cleaner and more sustainable future.  

Understanding used cooking oil (UCO) for your business

Many people think of used cooking oil as waste. At Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, we consider it a resourceful by-product that we can reuse and recycle.  

When you call on Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your grease is removed regardless of holidays and in-house staff issues. Our experienced technicians will regularly perform cooking oil recycling, enabling you to focus on running your restaurant. As one of the leading used cooking oil recycling companies in Atlanta, GA, we are highly skilled and proficient in removing and disposing of your used cooking oil following all applicable regulations in the city.  

Our used cooking oil services comprise collecting used cooking oil and liquid waste produced by several various foodservice establishments, including supermarkets, fast-food chains, restaurants, and small corner stores that offer fried foods. By providing a collection tank that matches your frying volume and workflow, we ensure our clients get the best service, including preventing odor and accidental spills. Furthermore, the oil turns rancid and gives your food a foul smell and taste if reused too much; hence why changing your oil regularly gives you better results. 

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services provides excellent used cooking oil collection and recycling on an on-call basis. We can also schedule a routine weekly, monthly, or quarterly service call. Our on-demand team is also prepared to deal with emergencies like overflows and spills. 

Why We are a Reliable UCO Partner 

We are local, and we care about our customers.  

As the best used cooking oil collection company in Atlanta, we recycle, collect, and partner with a fully licensed and insured clean energy company that filters and re-processes the UCO right here in Atlanta, Georgia. 

We help coffee shops, bakeries, cafes, and bar kitchens recycle their used cooking oil. For free of charge, we provide recycling containers for used oil and maintain these receptacles as needed. We also service local homeowners and the public by allowing them to drop off their used grease or cooking oil at our recycling facility. 

We recommend weekly, monthly, and quarterly used cooking oil pick-ups to ensure all used cooking oil and waste vegetable oil are appropriately disposed of and recycled for our clients that own commercially operated kitchens. 

Peace of Mind from Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services 

Our mission at Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services is to assist businesses, and restaurant owners alike incorrectly disposing of their liquid food waste and used cooking oil. We are apprehended for providing quick, eco-friendly, and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on knowing we give wholehearted services to all clients, regardless of their kitchen size. 

Our licensed technicians assess your needs to optimize internal operations ensuring your business remains a safe and sanitary place for your customers and staff. Additionally, how you handle your waste management shapes how customers see your impact on the environment. 

For the past three decades, our company has been one of the premier used cooking oil collection companies in Atlanta, Georgia. We ensure compliance with local municipal regulations and provide a hassle-free solution to handling waste to benefit our environment and local infrastructures. Call us today for a free on-site consultation to discuss you used cooking oil collection and recycling needs. 

Whom we serve

At Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, we put the ease in grease! Our dedicated team provides top-of-the-line service in the greater Atlanta area for: 

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial foodservice facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels
  • Churches and places of worship
  • And more

We offer a variety of outdoor cooking oil solutions, including differently sized outdoor containers. This grease recycling option is not only the most accessible and least expensive method of used oil and grease recycling, but it does not compromise your storefront appearance. 

Our outdoor bins start at the 110-gallon size, perfect for the small restaurants in high traffic or wooded areas where drums are likely to be overturned. Its size is equivalent to two 55-gallon drums and is constructed just like industrial-grade large tanks. The 12-gauge steel assured quality and dependable service. With lids bolted down on all four sides, our containers protect your used cooking oil from getting stolen. The mesh screen on the top cover keeps out any insoluble matter as well. 

Our medium and large used cooking oil outdoor tanks are about 200 to 300 gallons in size. We recommend these sizes for restaurants that produce high volumes of UCO and grease. These tanks are usually stored around the facility’s back area, where businesses can quickly dispose of old and used fryer oil. Our licensed technicians seamlessly service the container without the need to disturb your operations.  

We also offer grease mobility units that allow the employees to bring used cooking oil from the fryer to the outdoor tank without the risk of slips, trips, falls, and spills. Since there is no physical contact with the UCO, this becomes an added precaution that supplements the outdoor tanks while still being cost-effective. In short, the collecting and recycling of your used cooking oil and fryer grease will be as safe and efficient as possible. 

At Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, we ensure punctual service via computerized routing and scheduling. Our online data system keeps track of each client’s needs so that we can be there on time, even before you need us.  

Collection and recycling of used cooking oil in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding area

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services can help foodservice establishments in the Atlanta, GA area with the following cooking oil management services: 

  • Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling
  • Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Cooking Oil Equipment Design and Installation

Used Cooking Oil Pickup and Recycling 

Bringing over 30 years of experience in servicing the food industry, our fully trained technicians perform complete used cooking oil recycling services that help keep your establishment cleaner, leaner, and greener. 

Our state of the art, company-owned fleet contains onboard routing logistics that help us provide efficient and reliable service to our customers. Our industrial-grade equipment ensures secure used cooking oil collection, protecting its value. 

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services partners with an extensive network of biosecure processing facilities across the state of Georgia that provide Diverse solutions for the collected oils, fats, and meat by-products, including biofuel, animal feed, and more. 

Our comprehensive used cooking oil recycling services in Atlanta, GA, will allow you to comply with the regulations, maintain a safe environment for your staff, and ensure your customers keep coming back. 

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance 

If you run a large kitchen in the food industry, you know you must install either a grease trap or grease interceptor to prevent fats, oils, grease, and solid food (FOGS) waste from entering your city’s sewage and sanitation system. 

All FOGS and food solids are required to be removed, hauled, and disposed of properly into a licensed waste management facility to prevent city sewer sanitation overflows. Failure to comply can cause your business citation, fines, or even closure. 

Our professionals at Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services provide excellent grease trap cleaning for any foodservice establishment and commercial kitchens in the greater Atlanta area. We will assess your needs and schedule regular cleaning to ensure grease, fats, and oils do not build up and clog the city sewer lines. Our highly skilled team will ensure your grease traps are adequately maintained to prevent future malfunctions and untimely shutdowns. 

Cooking Oil Equipment Design and Installation 

At Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, the equipment we design is carefully tailored to your type of operation and frying volume. Our sturdy, leak-proof bulk containers come in a wide variety of sizes, all designed to look sharp and modern while ensuring all waste cooking oil is being disposed of cleanly and safely. Our containers feature easy-to-raise lids that make these containers easily accessible. Simultaneously, their added safety barrier construction protects you and your staff from the risks of getting burned by hot oil and grease. 

We can design and install a variety of health department-approved cooking oil systems, including: 

  • standard systems
  • automated systems
  • custom-designed systems

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services provides detailed equipment design and installation for all your used cooking oil recycling needs in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Used cooking oil collection and recycling FAQs

What equipment do I need in my business for handling used cooking oil? 

Whether they are within supermarkets, fast-food chains, restaurants, and small corner stores that offer fried foods, most commercial kitchens use cooking oil. This simple yet important ingredient is used in different aspects of commercial food preparation to the extent that many commercial kitchens cannot function without fresh cooking oil on hand. 

If you run a commercial kitchen that uses cooking oil for food preparation, it is your responsibility to ensure the oil is handled correctly before and after use.  Fresh cooking oil should always be stored in suitable containers and appropriately transferred from storage to the fryers. Additionally, used fats, oils, and grease (FOG) must be disposed of adequately to protect the natural environment. It should not be poured or rinsed down the drain and must be picked up by a licensed professional for processing and recycling. 

When choosing your used cooking oil container, here are several things you need to consider: 

  • The volume and frequency of used cooking oil. Simply put, the more fat your kitchen produces, the larger your container should be.  
  • Choose a size that works best for your available space. Although we recommend indoor containers, you can still opt for outdoor containers if your indoor space cannot accommodate one, so long as they have locks. 
  • It is an almost impossible task for your kitchen staff to carry large barrels or wheels up or down the stairs. Opting for a smaller container will be the best option in this case. 
  • Designate the proper area to store your used cooking oil container. It is best to find a location that can hide potential eyesores, reduce spills, and streamline operations.  

At Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, we provide a suitable indoor or outdoor used oil storage system. This allows you to properly dispose of your used cooking oil and help you keep the used fats, oils, and grease under control in your commercial kitchen. 

Do I need an outdoor bin or an indoor used oil storage system? 

Every commercial kitchen has its own unique needs for storing used cooking oil. Most restaurants keep a designated outdoor bin to store their used oil. It is typically placed in the trash or recycling area to hide it from public view. While this solution seems typical and straightforward, it comes with a few disadvantages: the biggest one being a safety hazard. 

Hand-carrying hot grease outside and dumping it into a bin can cause hazards and inefficiencies to your kitchen staff. Falls, burns, and slips account for 27% of all workers’ claims, plus spilled grease can incur fines up to $10,000 per day.  

The smell of used cooking oil can be a significant turn-off that will affect your customers’ appetites and reduce your establishment’s overall curb appeal. 

Moving your used oil storage indoors solves all these issues. At Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, we provide an automated system that efficiently pumps oil from your deep fryer into a storage container. With the flip of a switch, you can create a safer and more efficient way of handling your used cooking oil. If you think you do not have room for an indoor tank in your kitchen, Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services can create a customized solution that works with your needs and available space. 

What do I do if my indoor tank has overflowed? 

Oil and grease spills are an environmental threat that can gravely affect your restaurant or business. When your employee accidentally spills grease while carrying it to an outdoor bin or is not careful in power washing the grease bin itself, it can contaminate the sewer systems and impact groundwater. This results in painstaking fines as high as $10,000 per day until the issue is resolved. 

If you are dealing with overflowing grease, call us immediately. In the meantime, refrain from adding any fresher or used cooking oil to the tank, even if it means blocking off the disposal pipes until one of our technicians arrives. You can also utilize a large container to collect any dripping oil and use an absorbent material, such as kitty litter or quick-dry, to keep it from spreading. 

Make sure you block off any spill areas area to employees or customers to prevent slipping and injury. Contact Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Service to resolve any current issues from happening in the future. 

How long does it take to remove used cooking oil from my bin? 

At Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services, we aim to minimize the collection and removal time for used cooking oil. Although it typically takes 15 minutes, this can be shorter or longer depending on your tank’s size, and the volume of oil is inside.  

Another factor that affects collection time is the efficiency of the equipment used. Most Atlanta used cooking oil recycling companies utilize equipment that is not as modern and high-grade as the ones we use. This can delay the process, especially if you have a large tank that is full of oil. Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services is proud of our top-of-the-line pumps and expert technicians that ensure you can get your UCO and grease removed as quickly as possible. 

How long has Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services been in business? 

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services is a licensed grease management company that has been in business since 1970. We service commercial kitchen operators statewide— from regional chains to independent restaurants throughout the greater Atlanta area. Your business can gain peace of mind from one of Atlanta’s most trusted service providers for used cooking oil recycling. 

What happens to my used cooking oil after it is picked up from my business? 

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services is an ecologically minded company. After our technicians remove the used cooking oil, fryer oil, grease trap material, and other waste products from your business, it is delivered to our associate waste facility.  

It is then recycled and reprocessed into raw elements that can be used to manufacture new products such as solvents, animal feed additives, biofuel, and biodiesel. Our team of specialists ensures that the material collected from your establishment not only complies with state and local codes set by the Department of Agriculture and the EPAs, but it will also let your customers know you care about the environment. 

Who picks up my grease? 

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Service only hires the most efficient and highly trained employees. Our certified personnel are tasked to arrive on time and perform the service seamlessly without disrupting or hassle to your business. 

We know that there are plenty of thieves that target small and unknowing businesses for profit. All our team members are uniformed and use only high-grade equipment that will not damage your UCO containers. Additionally, we never use subcontractors for used cooking oil recycling. We ensure all our clients have peace of mind knowing you get the creme de la creme of used cooking oil collection companies in Atlanta, Georgia. 

What happens if I need my UCO picked up more often? 

It is part of our comprehensive process to assess your needs and customize a tailored routine schedule for UCO pickup and maintenance. If it so happens that the volume of your used cooking oil production increases or decreases, we can provide prompt service whenever you need it and devise a brand-new schedule that meets your demands. 

Why is used cooking oil valuable? 

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that uses elements found in used cooking oil, known as yellow grease. Also, many industrial and consumer products like animal feed and pet food come from UCO.  

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services offers a unique rebate program for all the used cooking oil that we collect. We grant discounts on future service calls and several promos on different services. Call us today to see what Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services can offer! 

Should I put used cooking oil in my compost pile? 

The safest way to dispose of the used cooking oil from your restaurant and commercial kitchen is through a licensed service provider. Although you can dispose of small amounts into the compost pile, this can create unpleasant odors and attract rodents and other pests. Pathogens, which proliferate in the compost, can slow down or even prevent the compost action. Overall, poor UCO disposal and management can violate local municipal codes and cost your business hefty fines and penalties. 

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services can properly collect and recycle the used cooking oil to ensure your business keeps running in tip-top shape. 

Will you pick up my turkey grease after Thanksgiving or cookouts? 

Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services does not currently residential service areas for used cooking oil recycling services. We recommend you dispose of your used cooking oil in Atlanta’s municipal waste deposit programs. 

What is the rebate program for used cooking oil recycling? 

As an ecologically sound used cooking oil collection company in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services strive for a greener future by ensuring that the used cooking oil is recycled instead of waste. Once your used cooking oil is collected, our staff will determine your rebate by assessing how much your UCO is usable.  

Typically, 70-80% of the total volume you provide can be used in bioprocessing plants to produce alternative fuel and other environmental-friendly resources. If your establishment qualifies, you can then utilize the amount determined to pay off a portion of your bill. 

Call us today at Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services to inquire more about our used cooking oil rebate program! 

Do thieves steal grease from restaurants? 

National statistics state that as much as $75 million worth of UCO is stolen, the thieves earn at least 25 cents per gallon. With the demand for biofuel climbing, grease bandits rob used cooking oil and kitchen grease from restaurants and commercial kitchens without its owners realizing it. 

How can I prevent used cooking oil theft? 

  • Ensure your kitchen staff is familiar with the name of the used cooking oil recycling service you use. Plus, employ the best practices on using containers safely and how to keep them secure and locked. We offer containers that have anti-tamper systems and built-in locks. Lastly, we want to note that all our staff at Atlanta Used Cooking Oil Services are uniformed and carry company IDs.  
  • If your oil levels are fluctuating between service calls, this can be an indication of possible theft. Make sure that you check your oil levels frequently. There are even alarm systems that will warn you if the oil level drops suddenly. 
  • The use of video surveillance is always highly recommended. Outdoor camera systems with motion sensor lights that keep an eye on your used cooking oil containers can help you track down those grease bandits.  
  • If your restaurant is near a road, we recommend installing lockable fencing to screen tanks from view. 

Cooking oil theft results in an unfortunate loss in profit and revenue. Do not let those thieves win! Use these tried-and-tested tips to keep your used cooking oil safe.

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